Our Multi Organization ERP/CRM solution

Say goodbye to Spreadsheets and hello to the cloud

Ark keeps a detailed track of all your critical infrastructure equipment including general asset data i.e. make, model, serial numbers, photos etc. Other features of ARK include Asset Registry, Sub Asset Register, Dynamic Reporting, Help desk, Service Reports, Device History, Maintenance Scheduler, Offline Mobile Access, Compliance and Auditing. For operational and administrative needs, the system provides a perfect storage point for all past service and maintenance reports.

ARK currently provide’s the following modules to assist with your business operations:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Proposals and Quoting
  • Products and Invoicing
  • Sales Orders and Pipelines
  • Project Management
  • Asset Registry
  • Contract management
  • Service Scheduling and Reporting
  • Contractor Management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Support Tickets
  • Time sheets

With much more on the way….These modules can be provisioned individually via our permissions system to your employees and data can be passed, shared or reported on from one area to the other.

Complete customization

Multi-Organizational Control

Our focus has been to provide a Multi Organizational solution for service based business, that picks up control from point of contact to point of delivery – Worldwide. ARK offers synergy between Multiple Company departments, sites and organizations.

Moving your company away from spreadsheets and into the cloud allows for

  • Reduction of staff overheads/time spent creating documentation (quotes, reports, tickets, invoicing)
  • Provision of workflow from Customer interaction > Quote > Sales > Service > Delivery
  • Unit/Asset registry & Dynamic Reporting based on Asset Type
  • Contractor and Technician Scheduling and control
  • Sales Pipeline and accountability

Integrations with other world leading software

ARK currently integrates with other Service and Support platforms including

  • NetsuiteNetsuite / Jcurve
  • Corrigo Pro
  • google maps apiGoogle Maps

We will be rolling out our mobile App very soon which features Offline functionality and check in checkout functions for your contractors and technicians.

We also have other integrations in progress with the following providers:

  • Service NowService Now
  • AutotaskAutotask
  • XeroXero
  • Mail ChimpMail Chimp

Solutions for Enterprise

ARK is a powerful reporting and data management application and is perfect for any enterprise wanting to be able to access self-service information in real time and provide End to End services for their customers.

Below are some examples of Companies already using ARK, while not limited to these it gives an insight into our capabilities.

Power Management Companies

Power Management Companies across the globe require monthly maintenance on critical infrastructure. The ARK software has been critical to the success of Halcyon Data Systems sister company Fusion Power Systems that manages over 3,000 critical infrastructure devices across Australia. As customers require real-time reporting, automated scheduling and more digital platforms, ARK has been able to provide a real value add to Fusion Power Systems.

Security Maintenance Companies

As unbelievable as it may sound, many security maintenance companies still use hard copy service reports. ARK’s ability to secure an Australian tier one bank and move it away from an existing contract with a leading Australian security company is a testimony in itself. From the 1st of July, this year, our exclusivity and non- compete with Guardtech Pty Ltd expires and negotiations are underway with leading Australian security companies to introduce ARK in their day to day management and reporting of security maintenance.

Global Logistic Companies

Global Logistic Companies currently use third party applications to help with air and ocean freight estimations. ARK is in the works with Famous Pacific Shipping to develop a real time estimation tool that will provide instant and real time estimations and ordering for overseas and domestic freight.
The benefits of this is efficient and reliable quoting for logistics companies along with increased customer satisfaction.